Production Night 9/13/11

It’s a mad house! With Tuesday being production night, today the staff works on Talon Marks’ third publication. We’re working on the paper, the website, as well as the radio program “Campus News Hour”.

All of our editors and staff writers are working their fingers to the bone as staff writers post their stories and photos online and editors edit the stories and decide what headline and pictures to use for each story.

Everything needs to come out as perfect as possible as we print out this week’s paper. It’s been a tough couple of weeks as new staff writers learn the ropes and face the challenges with becoming a reporter.

Staff Writer Lucia Sarabia working on production night. She is editing her audio for Wednesday's radio show.

Tito Benavides listening and editing audio. His program is every Wednesday at 10 a.m.

Staff Writer, Enrique Rivera, and News Editor, Anthony Hodge, are working on Rivera's story to put in this week's paper. His article is on the 9/11 ceremony that was held on Cerritos College Campus.

Staff Writer, Alejandra Ayala, working on a comic. The comic will be featured in the October issue of Cerritos College's Wings Magazine.

Multimedia Editor, Stephanie Cobian, editing a video to upload onto the Talon Mark's Youtube channel and website. This week's video will be of the 9/11 ceremony at Cerritos College.

Online Editor, Jim Brannon, and Staff Writer, Suri Ramanathan, try to solve a problem on the computer. Ramanthan was sending his story to our editing site for our editotrs to review.

Editor in Chief, Pete Moye, helping out news staffer, Patrick Dolly edit his story. Pete was the sports editor for two semesters and was given the title Editor in Chief for this semester.

Staff writer, Philip Okoli, editing for production night. He is editing his audio for the radio station to use.


First print edition delivery

Extra, extra! Talon Marks has unleashed it’s first print newspaper of the semester! Read all about it!

Check out the latest “issuu“:


Instructional Aide Alicia Edquist, who has been part of paper delivery since her time as a student on staff, said she was pleased last Wednesday’s delivery went by fast.

“It was nice to beat the heat,” Edquist said.

Miguel Hernandez, Alicia Edquist (center) and Alejandra Ayala prepare to distribute to various locations in the Administration building. The team has distributed to over half the locations on campus at this point.

Edquist and Online editor Jim Brannon rode about campus with new staffers Alejandra Ayala and Miguel Hernandez, who, after delivery ended, are now veterans of the route stretching across campus.

First production night: “To print, or not to print.”

Talon Marks first production night of the print edition, a night filled with pressure to meet deadline under difficult conditions, took place Tuesday, Aug. 23.

Putting stories and photos on pages, addressing roadblocks and, last but not least, the long process of proofreading were no match for the staff as it pushed through the first of 11 print editions.

Philip Okoli, veteran staff member, proofreads a page. Each page has to be proofread before sending out to the printer to avoid errors or mistakes.

For a few staff members, this was their first production night, one filled with plenty of fun as well as hard work.

Production manager editor Victor Diaz, left, and new staffer Patrick Dolly share a few laughes. Not only was this Dolly's first production night, he had his first story published in print for Talon Marks, an opinion piece focused on students withdrawing from classes.


New staff member James Williams copy edits stories on production night. Williams has had experience working on a newspaper before, but looks forward to Talon Marks and the comradery of production night.

Production night was one of many trials and tribulations, especially for the editor responsible for the many different duties the night requires.

“It was a lot, to say the least,” Talon Marks Production Manager Victor Diaz said.

“I thought I had an understanding of what the production night was all about, until this Tuesday, considering that Tuesday night is when most of my work takes place.”

Diaz was all over the newsroom Tuesday.

“It’s a lot compared to last semester, when I served as online editor I didn’t really do much last semester because there wasn’t really much for me to do on Tuesdays, other than the occasional copy-editing and page design.”

“All in all, I think production night went pretty well.”

The shirt on News editor Anthony Hodge says it all, as he inputs proofreading corrections onto one of his pages. Hodge, who served on staff in spring 2011 and rose to assistant news editor, holds one of the toughest jobs on the staff.


Steven Quintana, opinion editor, works on a slideshow. This is one of many programs that the staff will build their skills with over the duration of the semester.










Meeting an unforgiving deadline can be stressful, especially on production night for leaders like Multimedia editor Stephanie Cobian. In foreground is new staffer Yurixhi Gutierrez, who, with this story "DREAM act becomes possibility for students," for the first time had her name in the print publication as a staff member.


Editor-in-Chief Pete Moye looks diligently over pages, trying to identify all issues and correcting them to receive the fabled "ice cream" from Advisor Rich Cameron. If the staff produces a paper with zero noun/pronoun, spelling and factual errors, Cameron promises to buy everyone ice cream. That day has yet to come, but Moye plans to make it happen for the first time.










Talon Marks: the first class meeting

Today saw the beginning of the Fall 2011 semester at Cerritos College, as well as a new semester for the TM staff.

As is customary with every new semester, the first day of Journalism 107 saw lots of new faces, as well as some old ones.

Former Editor-in-Chief's Andrea Mora (left-center, spring 2011) and Elieth Koulzons (top-right, spring 2010) dropped in to say hello. They served on Talon Marks together as part of the staff that won the JACC pacesetter in Los Angeles at the state conference in spring 2010.

The day began with the first Ed Board meeting of the semester, which included breakdowns of the latest stories and just a little bit of horseplay.

Editor-in-Chief Pete Moye checks in with editors. Budgets, often marked up with notes from the meetings, litter the War Room desk.

The first official Editorial Board meeting of the semester took place just before lecture. The Ed Board must work quickly to conduct business, which includes running through the current budget and selecting editorials.

Series of pictures (left to right) depict a traditional TM game passed down from the previous semester, in which making eye contact with one who makes goggles leads the loser to laying flat on the floor (the reason why the third photo in series is War Room ceiling) for a moment.

Gotcha! Diaz hits the photographer with the goggles.

Photographer and Online editor Jim Brannon (literally) falls victim to the goggles. This is the War Room ceiling.

Talon Marks Adviser Richard Cameron welcomes the staff in his introductory lecture.

TM Adviser Rich Cameron introduced the new staff to the class, including explanations on the class itself and the several aspects to the Talon Marks Brand.

Staff members were given the chance to introduce themselves, as well as being introduced to the current Ed Board.

Leading the way: Editor-in-Chief Pete Moye runs the first official meetings with staff in the War Room following the lecture.

The day concluded with an Ed Board outing to a food truck gathering at the Golf N’ Stuff in Norwalk, CA.

Editors chowed down on what the trucks had to offer, including enormous burgers and bacon-covered brownies.

Talon Marks Welcome Day

The Talon Marks editorial board gathered at the newsroom at Cerritos College on Friday to welcome new staff from this upcoming fall semester.

Those who took part were treated to pizza and soda, but also got an opportunity to explore the newsroom and ask each editor questions.

ASCC President Jasmin Ramirez and Vice President Julian Del-Real Calleros also stopped by the newsroom and introduced themselves to Talon Marks.

New staff member Patrick Dolly, a theater major, said, “I really had a good time.”

He emphasized that, while he might have been nervous about his other classes, he wasn’t nervous on the first day because he had already met the editorial board and become familiar with the newsroom.


Opinion editor Steven Quintana (left-bottom) and Campus News Hour Director Tito Benavides (right-bottom) chat over pizza.


New staffer Rosaura Montes talks to Multimedia and Managing Editor Stephanie Cobian. The event was a chance for staffers to talk to the Ed Board one-on-one before the class officially met.

Sri Ramanathan, new staff member, asks TM veteran Philip Okoli and News editor Anthony Hodge about the paper. All three of them have at one point taken Journalism 101: Beginning Newswriting and Reporting at Cerritos.



Facebook and Journalists

By Pete Moye’, Editor-in-Chief (

Vadim Lavrusik, Journalist Program Manager for Facebook, speaks at the podium during "Facebook + Journalists" at the LA Times on Thursday.

The Los Angeles Times hosted a “Facebook + Journalists” meet-up on Thursday and six members of the Talon Marks newspaper were present.

Editor-in-Chief Pete Moye’, Managing, Multimedia and Co-Campus News Hour Director Stephanie Cobian, Sports Editor Brandon Rodriguez, Magazine Editor Berline Romero, Production Manager Vic Diaz and Adviser Rich Cameron were in attendance as Vadim Lavrusik,  Journalist Program Manager for Facebook, gave a presentation on Facebook and Social Journalism.

He also describe some of the ways to use Facebook better as a journalist including creating seperate journalist pages, checking statistics on a pages and how to attract more readers.

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